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Decisions. Better outcomes.


Big problems are solved with focus, discipline and small bites. We help untangle and solve the most challenging issues that legal departments face including litigation management, spend management, and forecasting. We apply engineering process tools to innovate sustainable solutions to systemic litigation and compliance issues. We help utilize existing systems to capture and curate “lessons learned.”


We help legal departments reduce cost by streamlining processes, increasing spend visibility, improving resource apportionment, and accelerating litigation pivots for better results. Projects include matter budgeting, subpoena management, legal process development, Sarbanes-Oxley processes, and issue escalation processes, record retention, litigation hold, and e-Discovery.


Process orientation is critical to our business. We’ve assisted some of the world’s most sophisticated businesses with structured problem-solving, process development, process documentation, process harmonization, process training, process implementation, process audit and process improvement, legal department operations, regulatory compliance, budget management, and litigation management.


Our solutions are based on the DNA of  your legal department. We don’t pretend that solutions are easy, quick, or available out of the box. We understand developing and implementing a successful solution for your legal department requires the integration of your people, your processes, and your technology. Our work engages corporate functions such as legal, compliance, finance, engineering, and risk management. We help our clients stay in business, and focused on their core businesses. We deliver compliance solutions that integrate into existing client business processes.


We also advise clients in developing sustainable compliance management for legal processes. This work may involve simplifying the requirements design processes or developing an integrated framework or processes that work to prevent failures, detect red flags, and to impose effective discipline where appropriate.

That’s LegalKaizen. Stay in business. We can help.