Attorney-Client Communications: Update 2017

時代の流れとともに年々改良される交信手段。 言うまでもないが、どの時代においても弁護人・依頼人間のコミュニケーションには、最新の交信手段が用いられてきた。 1840年・電信が広がる。 1877年・電話の発明。 1902年・太平洋に電信線が渡り、地球を一周。 1935年・テレックスが広く使われる。 1980年・ページャーが広く使われる。 1985年・ブラックベリーの登場。 [...]

Self Drive Regulation

I spent this afternoon watching a Senate hearing on self-drive. Ten senators* and five witnesses** addressing technical and regulatory questions arising from an innovation with a surprisingly [...]

Institutional Inertia

Organizations can develop inertia for many reasons. In the same way, projects within an organization tend to develop increasing inertia as they move closer to completion. In the case of […]

Privilege: A Pocket Guide

Yet another Federal Judicial Center Pocket Guide for Judges, this time about handling privileged, classified or otherwise secret government information in litigation. This guide addresses both [...]

FCPA Resource Guide

This highly useful 150-page resource guide published in late 2012 is the fruit of cooperation between the Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission, with contributions from the [...]

Business Ethics Guide

The U.S. Government generates a substantial volume of high-quality work product. Your tax dollars are particularly hard at work in this resource from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which weighs [...]

Too Much Tolerance?

  Despite being a well-known issue, tolerance stack up remains a costly failure mode for many manufacturers. Alpha supplies gears made to a ± tolerance. Beta supplies a mating component for [...]