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  • Rich Young Founder | Advisor

    Product liability trial lawyer, Fortune 100 Head of Product Safety, and LegalTech founder. Born curious, I probe how things and systems work, or don’t. The key to better solutions is open-mindedness, transparent fact finding, and disciplined corrective action. My love of learning motivates me to work with new clients.

  • Hiroshi Shimizu Advisor

    40+ years of experience in Global Auto Safety as Senior Executive (CEO, Managing Director, Product Safety and Conformance Representative) & Board Member. Launched 10+ new plants across 8 countries. Negotiated recalls with NTHSA and OEMs, and testified before both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.

  • Ken d’Entremont Advisor

    Professor of Product-Safety Engineering and Ethics. Published author (Engineering Ethics and Design for Product Safety – McGraw Hill). Secretary of the SPSP (Society of Product Safety Professionals). Member of ICPHSO (International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization). Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.)

  • Toshihiko Takano Advisor

    International Patent Lawyer, qualified as both Patent Agent under the USPTO, and as Japanese Benrishi. Extensive experience guiding leading companies with both defensive and offensive patent strategy. Deep expertise in materials science and molecular engineering.

  • Dr. Jim Kargol Advisor

    Spanning the computer and automotive industries, James has enviable experience in materials science, applied statistics, quality processes, product safety regulatory compliance, and requirements engineering. His forte is making use of existing client resources to efficiently unpack the most challenging product development problems.