Jounce is Startup-Centric Legal

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Startups have different risk profiles, need different legal services, and operate in their own time zone.

Startups need to push MVP (minimum viable product) out the door fast. Startups need to kickstart the network effect, exponentially improving the function and value of their product with increasing users. Negligible marginal cost encourages “freemium” marketing. Not because you think your product is worthless, but because you know it is valuable. You’re giving it away at the beginning to drive long-term value. Freemium also means no short-term revenue.

We get you. We established Jounce to deliver a startup focused suite of legal solutions with a startup-centric fee structure. We’re fast. We’re flexible. Subject to prompt evaluation, we offer alternatives for qualified startups to access our services: (1) deferred cash (or credit), (2) contingent cash (tied to funding), (3) equity, or (4) some combination of 1-3.

We handle contracts, employment agreements, NDAs, scalability evaluations, regulatory compliance plans, intellectual property risk evaluation, product safety and product liability risk, anti-corruption & FCPA, antitrust risk, privacy compliance risk, requirements engineering, process documentation, and so on.

Jounce rhymes with bounce and means UBER-fast, DevOps fast. In physics, motion is measured with: (1) velocity, (2) acceleration, (3) jerk, and (4) JOUNCE.

Drop us a line to hear how we might be able to help!


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