We’re looking for people with integrity,
who are smart, creative, and curious.
People compatible with our core values.

Our customers are state-of-the-art legal departments doing cutting edge work within the world’s top enterprises. Their requirements aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re a customer focused problem solver who sees a happy customer as table stakes, we should talk.

We’re growing and need extraordinary people in marketing, sales, legal, finance, HR, UI/UX development, full stack development, API integration, text analysis, predictive analytics, and AI optimization.

Regardless of subject matter or reporting level, our core values are immutable. If you’re intrigued by our views on customer service (see below), let’s talk.


People love talking to you because you’re legitimately interested in learning about them. They tell you things they haven’t told anyone. You’re just as comfortable talking to the CEO as you are the secretary. You listen, probe, clarify, and confirm. Because you’re empathetic you can tell when someone is lying. You know when to keep listening, when to document, when to extrapolate, and when to move on.


You’re a sought-after advisor because you know how to extract order from chaos and present the results of your analysis is a rational, persuasive manner. When communicating with clients, you can speak plainly, leaving the jargon behind without sacrificing the essence. You can diagram even the most complex processes so they’re understandable at a glance. Although you’re a perfectionist at heart, you understand that actionable advice is pragmatic and aligned with the client’s business goals. You don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


You’re known for finding elegantly simple solutions to complex problems. You look at everything critically, even your own work. You take things, processes, and systems apart. You reassemble them to work better, with less waste and fewer errors. You’re skeptical and critical. You’re curious and open-minded. You can smell confirmation bias and bad conclusions. You understand the power of process in structured problem-solving. You see and resist confirmation bias, selection bias, and premature conclusions.


You’ve always been a natural leader, not necessarily because you’re the most confident or because you know the most. Your colleagues look to you in a crisis, because you’re the eye-in-the-storm. Others follow you because of your unwavering commitment and focus. You’re opinionated. You focus on the idea itself, not where it came from. You speak truth to power. You’re as comfortable talking with the C-suite as you are with the register clerk. You’re not intimidated by what you don’t know. You have no problem admitting when you’re wrong. Your facilitation skills bring out the best in experts.

If this sounds like you, contact us about joining the team.