What are people saying about our
client-focused consulting approach?

  • As an attorney just out of law school, I benefited from Rich's example as a principled, energetic, and inventive attorney. I've been impressed with Rich's ability to speak with engineers in their own language, and I've learned from him the importance of learning the business, not just the law. While assisting Rich in various product safety matters, I've seen how Rich provides clients with creative and effective solutions to difficult problems. When conducting root cause analyses, Rich always has an eye towards solving the underlying problem, not just putting out the immediate fire.

    Tim Schmidt
    Tim Schmidt KapStone Paper | Senior Corporate Counsel

“…principled, energetic, and inventive…speak[s] with engineers in their own language… “

  • Rich Young has a unique ability to assess procedures and quickly identify ways to eliminate money wasting tasks. He has the ability to thoroughly evaluate and understand extremely complex systems. He is creative, tenacious and brings a high level of energy to each project. I have worked with him on many projects over the years and consistently marveled at his productivity and intelligence.

    Shawn Olley
    Shawn Olley Midwest Legal | Owner

“thoroughly evaluate[s] and understand[s] extremely complex systems.”

  • Rich is wonderful to work with. He easily grasps complex litigation scenarios and provides clear and thoughtful direction. His strength is in using data analysis to analyze overall trends and to create consistent reporting methods. His excellent appreciation of litigation risk keeps the client in excellent positions and maintains leverage throughout the case.

    Maryanne Woo
    Maryanne Woo Reed Smith | Partner

“…strength is in using data analysis to analyze overall trends and create consistent reporting methods.”

  • I have worked with Rich as my law partner managing nationwide litigation (including trying and winning a catastrophic exposure case) and later as a client handling worldwide litigation. Rich gets great results—in both settlements and trials. He systematically sets resolution strategies early and is disciplined about clearly communicating this to his teams, helping them stay focused. He also is creative, thinks out-of-the-box, and has the necessary experience to create novel approaches to solving problems. But most important, he is a merciless straight-shooter in advocating for his clients, but still manages to treat his teams, vendors, and even opponents with respect and integrity. He truly has a rare combination of skills that make him unique in the legal world.

    Tim Mattson
    Tim Mattson Bowman and Brooke | Partner

“…treat[s] teams, vendors, and even opponents with respect and integrity.”

  • Rich provides legal counsel to my group in Europe and globally through product safety leads in the Americas and Asia. As a core member of the global product safety team, Rich regularly attends global meetings in Germany and elsewhere and provides excellent training and support. Rich is able to identify problems and drive the effective use of problem-solving tools such as 8D. His experience as a trial lawyer -- and his understanding of how engineers think -- make him an excellent resource for product safety.

    Bernd Kraemer
    Bernd Kraemer Johnson Controls | Engineering Director, Product Safety

“…able to identify problems and drive the effective use of problem-solving tools.”

  • Rich directed my work in the corporate law department. His exacting expectations taught me that a job worth doing is worth doing well. Working together on financial analytics for the e-discovery program I learned about the danger in assumptions, the value of data, and the power in knowledge. Above all, as my mentor, Rich impressed on me the duty of in-house counsel to the legal profession and as the company conscience. Rich is a true man of integrity, and he has been a guiding inspiration through my legal career. Rich is not only a great man, but he is a good guy to be around.

    Taylor Brengel
    Taylor Brengel T. Wall Enterprises | General Counsel

“…impressed on me the duty of an in-house counsel to the legal profession and as the company conscience.”