David Gritz

David Gritz, CMO – David’s product launches and marketing in InsurTech and software have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Startup Grind, Ask Men, and the Boston Globe. His work with [...]

Gary Nelson

Extensive executive-level leadership experience in Legal Finance, Legal Project and Program Management, Corporate Risk and Insurance, Business Continuity Management, Environmental Health Safety [...]

Dr. Maggie Teliska

Consulting with a wide range of companies from tech startups through established manufacturers about product development, new technology assessment, quality, process improvement, product safety [...]

Brad Nault

Clients ranging from established brick and mortar manufacturers to startups selling ideas appreciate Brad’s ability to capture what they do well and memorialize it in clear, concise process [...]

Dr. James Kargol

Spanning the computer and automotive industries, James has enviable experience in materials science, applied statistics, quality processes, product safety regulatory compliance, and requirements [...]

Rich Young

Rich has solved billions of dollars worth of Fortune 100 anti-corruption and product regulatory problems by systematically leveraging legal acumen with engineering process discipline. After a [...]